Rose Petals

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Individual Bags - $6 each
Each bag contains approximately 30 petals, enough for two handfuls of petals. Please be sure to indicate one color preference.

Bulk rose petals - Priced by Amount
Fresh rose petals, individually plucked from the head are placed in a lined box for you. Perfect for creating your own toss petals, lining the aisle or sprinkling on tables. For measuring toss petals, assume 15 per person; for measuring aisle petals, assume 30 per foot for a dusting along the side of the aisle; for tables, assume 30 per 72" round. Please be sure to indicate up to two color preferences.

450 (apx) Petals ($60 Each)
750 (apx) Petals ($100 Each)
1500 (apx) Petals ($200 Each)


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