Preparing for Your Consultation:


Items to Bring with You--

      ~A picture of your gown

      ~A picture of your bridesmaid's gowns

      ~Color swatches

      ~Pictures of flower arrangements you like

      ~Ideas to describe your vision

      ~Head counts (for everyone in bridal party, including reader, ushers, etc)

      ~Table counts


Planning Your Budget--

      The average Columbus bride spends 10% of her overall budget on flowers.  While this is just a

      guideline, you will need to take into consideration factors such as how many bridesmaids you have

      as well as the number of centerpieces you will need. 

          Avergage Bridal Bouquet:  $100-200

          Average Bridesmaid Bouquet:  $30-50

          Average Corsage:  $15-20

          Average Boutonniere: $8-15

          Average Altar Arrangement:  $150-250

          Average Pew Decoration:  $10-50

          Average Short Centerpiece:  $35-75

          Average Tall Centerpiece:  $100


Tips for Hiring the Right Florist--

      ~Ask questions!  How long have they been in business; have they won any awards; do they have any

      reviews from past clients; are they a one-person company or are there other staff members (in case he

      or she is sick the day of your wedding); are they home-based and is this a hobby or are they a store-

      front and dedicated 100% to your wedding?

      ~Look for the "vibe."   Not every florist is for you.  Go with your gut and choose the one you feel gets

      your vision best and you feel comfortable with.  Price is only one factor; if the two of you do not connect

      there is room for error. 

      ~Do your homework.  Read reviews on The Knot and Wedding Wire.  Ask your friends, your co-

      workers, too.