About Us

It all began with a little girl, a flower, and a passion. Hi, I’m Heather Waits, the Creative Director and owner of Bloomtastic and your soon-to-be next best (flower) bud. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, claiming fame as the best yard-sales and lemonade stand kid in my neighborhood who fell in love with flowers as an adult. Since 2004, I have had the honor of working with over 2000 couples plan their weddings here in Columbus, Ohio and I am excited to work with you next!

With the Full Service experience, you and I will work together to create florals that fit your budget, style and personality. You’ll have a flower friend who will listen to you and provide what you want, thanks to nearly two decades of designing weddings. Learn more about it here (INTERNAL NOTE: LINK FULL SERVICE PAGE HERE)

Know what you want or don’t have the time to plan in detail? Choose florals from our a la carte experience and enjoy a discounted price for removing the consultation from the process. Simply share with us your wedding style/vision and we’ll do all the hard work! Learn more about it here (INTERNAL NOTE: LINK FULL SERVICE PAGE HERE)

We only source certified sustainable flowers from the US, Canada, Europe and South America. These flowers meet their countries organic requirements plus they go a step further by ensuring the local animal habitats are unharmed and the farm’s employees and family’s are well cared for providing shelter, education and more. Touching flowers everyday gets us a little closer to Mother Earth, and doing our part to sustain her is part of our business core.

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